Sole Inventor Andras J. Pellionisz; Priority Date Aug. 1, 2002

"Utility of Fractal Genome Governing Fractal Growth"

An Available Intellectual Property Portfolio for Industrialized Genomics, Beyond
the End of Genes/Junk Classic Dogma
(officially, Sept. 6, 2012), Poised for WWII Against Cancer, and Global Consolidation of Sequencing Industry (March 18, 2013)

Parent Patent is Public* (Submitted 2002, Issued Oct. 2nd, 2012),
Further Filings and Trade Secrets of the IP Portfolio are Not Publicly Disclosed

*Pursuant to invoking US Law "U.S.C. 2163.07(b) Incorporation by Reference", "The information incorporated [in many hundreds of pages] ... should be treated as part of the text of the application"

Those who progressed to the principle of recursive genome function,
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