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Gallery of Visual Arguments from the web for those who still need to be convinced that
Natural organisms can be grown by fractal geometry,
speaking the language of FractoGene

Fractal-like structure of a real neuron (2000).
(Pellionisz, 1989 constructed a purely fractal brain cell model,
and coined FractoGene in 2002)

Pair of trees, grown from fractals

Forest at sunset, composed entirely of fractals

and if you are still not sure if DNA spells out your body
in the language of FractoGene...

Fractal model of the coronaries of the human heart.
Scientific American, 1990. (262) February, p. 46. by Hans van Beek and James B. Bassingthwaighte, University of Washington.

Human lung, composed entirely of fractal algorithms (also appeared in Scientific American)

If not FractoGene, than what?

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