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FractoGene Patent on Mathematical Language of Genetic Code

Added : (Mon Sep 02 2002)


Andras J. Pellionisz, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO of HelixoMetry, inc.
937 Rosette Court
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Phone: 408-891-7187

FractoGene Patent on Mathematical Language of Genetic Code

Sunnyvale, CA – September 3, 2002 -- HelixoMetry, inc. announces that its “FractoGene” USPTO patent (pending) on the mathematical language of genetic code is available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing. Dr. András Pellionisz, Founder and CEO, is USPTO customer 32892, Associate Member of the National Association of Patent Practitioners, NAPP. He electronically submitted patent application called “FractoGene” and received hard copy confirmation.

“When the human genome was mapped out little over a year ago, up to 97% of the DNA was found to contain, instead of genes, so-called non-coding sequences, termed in acute embarrassment “junk genes” – says András Pellionisz, inventor of FractoGene. „One person’s junk is an other person’s treasure”, he continues. Now he is proud to have incorporated his HelixoMetry Company, and to have submitted a Provisional patent application to protect FractoGene, his invention for the mathematical language of highly repetitious genetic code.

Dr. András J. Pellionisz, a former University Professor of New York University, 1976-1990 and Senior Research Fellow of the National Academy of the USA to NASA, 1990-1993, subsequenty senior Executive of Silicon Valley Internet Companies (of Ernst & Young, inc.). Subsequently, he was Chief Intelligence Officer of Fabrik, inc, Verge, inc, Xmarksthespot, inc, and Mindmaker, inc. Dr. Pellionisz incorporated HelixoMetry in early 2002 in Sunnyvale. He is an internationally renowned inventor-scientist who pioneered pattern recognition neural network technology. His first patent was obtained in 1984, and in 1990 he received the Alexander von Humboldt Prize for Senior Distinguished American Scientist from Germany for his pioneering in neural networks.

HelixoMetry uses introduces break-through mathematical algorithms to decipher the genetic code, as „geo-metry” (suitable to measure Geos, the Globe) is inappropriate to mathematically characterize the double helix and to crack the genetic code.

HelixoMetry, inc. is a Biotech Intellectual Property Holding (a privately owned California corporation) in the field of Biometry. Pending Patent of FractoGene is a utility to count the extremely repetitive number of base-pair sequences in the genetic code, based on the axiom that – contrary to current belief held by many – these supranumerary genes are not „junk” but constitute fractal sets. In turn, body organs and organelles (brain cell arborizations, coronaries, lungs, bowels) that are known to be most suitably modeled by fractal mathematics, develop in self-similar „generations”, where the basic template determined by the undifferented genetic information encapsulated in the „stem cell” , and physiological and pathological differentiation governed by regular- or erroneous number of base-pair repetitions.

FractoGene Patent will be used to protect the intellectual property leading to almost immediate applications in diagnosis of hereditary diseases where there is a drastically supernumerary „run” on the „non-coding genes” (so-called introns, that are known to play a role in gene expression). Later, with modification of the genetic information becoming increasingly available, FractoGene will be used to remedy pathogenesis of brain cells and other organelles of the body. Stem-cell research and drug discovery are also prime target applications for FractoGene.

Information regarding the use of fractal mathematical language of genetic code is available in the websites http://fractogene.com and http://helixometry.com.

The most obvious Partnerships that HelixoMetry seeks with its FractoGene Patent (Pending), shown in http://fractogene.com/patentpending.html are

(1) Translation Memory Company, Partnership, M/A
(2) "Big Pharma" Pharmaceutical Company, M/A
(3) "Big IT" Information Technology Company, Acquisition
(4) Bioinformatics Company, Cooperation / Partnership
(5) Genomics Data-Base Company, M/A / Partnership
(6) University R&D Center, M/A / Directorship
(7) Regional Center Uniqueness, Cooperation, Silicon Valley Presence

Accomplishments of the inventor of FractoGene. and Founder and CEO of HelixoMetry, Inc. are shown in http://usa-siliconvalley.com/inst/pellionisz

Submitted by: Andras Pellionisz, Ph.D.

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