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(protected, priority date 2002)

Code and Cracking the Code on DVD type e-media (including iPod)

The 4th Generation Solution: Full Genome (Gene & Junk DNA) Proprietary Tools, Including Database

CCC on DVD Announced at the Keynote Speech of ECS in Orlando, FL, October 15, 2003

SOLUTION to "Three Generations of Genome Database Problems"

Problems (Market)

1st Generation: Public Genome Databases are free, but come in less than "industrial strength" and not motivated by market demand.

2nt Generation: Commercial Genome Databases may monitor queries, may not provide you Intellectual Property protection (the market, first amassed for private-domain companies, melted upon IP leakage)

3rd Generation: Setting up and maintaining a "secret" Proprietary Genome Database for each Biotech, (protein based) Nanotech and Infotech Company. (Databases cost $2 million to set up, a yearly $1 million to maintain & develop, and Bioinformatics becomes hopelessly fractured and left with no standards)

Solution (Disruptive Technology of DVD medium localized on 64-bit processors - IP-safe augmentation of Internet service)

4th Generation FractoGene Service Product, a US Patent Pending Genome Information Technology approach to providing not only a Full Genome Database for several species on DVD media (the "Genome Project" guaranteed that you can have "all the data on DVD" - didn't they?). However, if you have all data downloaded, "the other DVD is missing" (as if you had a PC to work on your data - but no operating system). CCC on DVD provides "the missing DVD" with proprietary Fractal Analysis tools of the Genome attached. (CCC on DVD; Code and Cracking of the Code on DVD media). FractoGene is presently the only mathematical explanation of how the Genes (Exons) together with "Junk DNA" (Introns and other non-primarily coding sequences, 98.7% in the human) determine patterned, yet highly diversified, individual growth.

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FractoGene Service Advantages

* Provides you the absolute (physical) privacy of using both the Full Genome Database as well as its Fractal Analysis on DVD in your full custody with zero possibility of monitoring your activities. Thus, nothing (no "monitoring" of your Internet queries) jeopardizes your Intellectual Property that you generate with your CCC on DVD.

* Saves you most of the expenses of "in house" bioinformatics personnel. Use of CCC on DVD is like having a "user friendly Operational System" for your home computer. Little or no help is needed. If you subscribe to FractoGene Service Product because of your interest in deciphering "non-coding DNA" by fractal tools, a consultancy service is available, should you need it.

* Provides you with efficient means of keeping abreast of the Fractal Geometry approach to full genome (including 98.7% "junk DNA" in the human).

* Subscribing to FractoGene Service Product (CCC on DVD) you can establish a partnership with the Inventor of FractoGene (Patent Group Pending, contact Dr. Pellionisz, (four zero eight) 732.9319, or email at partner"at"