FractoGene whole genome IP portfolio

updated 15th of April, 2007

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Inventor of FractoGene Patent Group; proprietor of whole genome Intellectual Property portfolio

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Aug. 1st, 2002
FractoGene Utility Provisional Patent Application submitted to USPTO.
Initial offerings outlined, first in a closely held manner
Press Release by HelixoMetry on FractoGene Patent
Press Release in UK by PressBox

July, 2003. FractoGene Utility Patent Application (follow-up on Provisional) submitted to USPTO.
Offerings opened up the Intellectual Property for investment, and publication was ready for immediate peer-review.t

Jul, 15, 2005
USPTO cleared technical review of FractoGene patent application

Mar, 2005 Submission to USPTO

Aug, 2005 Submission to USPTO

Aug, 2006 Submission to USPTO

Mar, 2007 Sbumission to USPTO

As of 15 Apr, 2007 provisional and regular patents submitted, several patents in preparation
Patents are sole authored by, and assigned to András J. Pellionisz. IP portfolio is held by HelixoMetry

Updated 15th of April, 2007